Freedom Exhibition, Avalon.










scrap & found metal



My desire to experience some freedom from my normal day to day life in South Africa pushed me to think of how I could experience freedom far and beyond the confines of Africa. The sculpture “Freedom” came about on my first visit to Australia back in  December 2016.  There was a sense of calm, relaxation after twenty-seven hours on an air-bus and going through the immigration check points. I sensed peace around me as I wheeled my luggage out of the Sydney airport. I saw pictures of dancers in different movements on a big banner. What caught my eye was the one midair and this gave birth to the idea of this artwork and I decided to capture that expression into a 3D form. My visit was indeed a time to experience some freedom.

 The process of creating this work was a very liberated one and unrestricted. I had the freedom of movement with my bike between Mona Vale and Narrabeen daily. I had freedom to pedal at 2:30 or 5:00 in the mornings. I imagined of what could happen to me if I did the same back home! I would remind myself that I was in free zone and that I must fight until I get “Freedom” done. The friendly environment in the workshop with Bryce whom Christine Simpson had arranged for his workshop use, made a tremendous impact on the outcome of this work. The energy was just free flowing for the process “All good and Happy Days “was his daily talk. Such kindness and generosity where can one find?

  Far away from distant horizons I came to create in Sydney. I took the opportunity to mould the clay and “stitch “the scrap metal pieces together. The result was a seemingly weightless body in flight, defying laws of gravity with an expression of extravagant joy!

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